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FA804 Hopper Weighing Module

Product Feature

▶ Using high-quality sensors, high weighing accuracy

▶ Unique structure, can be easily installed on various tanks

▶ Three roof structures (fixed, semi-floating, floating) can eliminate the weighing error caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the tank

▶ High quality alloy steel, nickel plated on the surface

▶ Support bolts to prevent equipment from tipping over

▶ Simple and fast installation

▶ Simple maintenance, saving downtime and maintenance time

▶ Applicable to the weighing control of the batching process of the tank


Installation method


Weighing sensors are mainly used in various electronic scales, industrial control fields, online control, overload alarm installation, material testing machines and other fields,

such as electronic truck scales, electronic platform scales , electronic forklift, dynamic axle load scale, electronic crane scale, electronic pricing scale, electronic track scale, steel funnel scale, batching scale, filling range, etc.