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FA-L Series High Precision Weighing Module

FA-L Series

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The best choice for system integration and automatic weighing solutions
Adopt new super monolithic sensor technology-accurate, fast,stable and reliable.
●  Sensitivity:unparalleled  sensor  design  and   processing technology  ensure  the  sensitivity  of  micro-weighting  results
●  Precision:Particular  super  monolithic  sensor  technology  ensures the accuracy,stability and consistency of weighing resuits.
●    High-Speed: The sensor technology of horizontal bar,combined with excellent circuit design and software algorithm, meets the
requirements  of  rapid  weighing  in  the  laboratory.High-precision weighing modules,tailored to meet the needs of equipment or automated weighing system integration
● Accurate weighing and fast response;the excellent monolithic sensor enables fast and accurate weighing to be perfectly realized,
and at the same time greatly reduces the influence of temperature drift on the results,achieving extremely high reliability of results.
● The isoCAL automatic internal calibration and adjustment function is adopted to fully ensure the accuracy of weighing results.Fully automatic temperature and time-triggered calibration and adjustment functions ensure that you can obtain accurate weighing results at any time and at any trmperature. 
● Compact structure,easy to install.The compact layout design can meet the space requirements of equipment and automatic weighing integrated system to the greatest extent possible.
● The four-level anti-vibration technology meets your various weighing environments.Users can choose your Corresponding weighing environment  according  to  the  use  environment,and  realize  accurate and  fast  weighing  in  the  corresponding  environment.
● Maximum safety protection level;dust-proof,waterproof,anti-gas corrosion design,not only can improve the accuracy of weighing,but also greatly improve the service life  of the sensor.360°safe overload protection to avoid damage to the sensor during installation and use.

    FA-L10K  FA-L30K
Readability(d)  g 0.1 0.1
Max capacity(Max) kg 10 30
Repeatability(at 5%load)      
Typical value g ±0.15 ±0.15
Repeatability(at approx.100%load)      
Typical value g ±0.25 ±0.25
Inearity deviation      
Typical value g ±0.25 ±0.25
Sensitivity drift between(+10°℃~+30℃) ppm/K 5 5
Typical stabilization time s ≤2.5 ≤2.5
L*W*H  mm 80×100 or customized
Weighing pan mm 80×100 or customized
Ambient condition    
Input      DC24V+10%,0.1A
IP Grade   IP54,IP65
Operation temperature   10℃~30℃
Humidity   30%~85%RH
Interface     RS232、RS485
Communication protocol   DAT232、DAT485(MODBUS)、Custom
Note:ES-Lxxxi -Fully automatic internal calibration model ES-Lxxx-External calibration model




















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