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FA13 Force Transducer Analog Amplifier


The amplifier is available in an aluminium housing. Weighing controllers are available in plastic, aluminium and explosion-proof housings to order. The weighing controller has built-in high performance devices, precision amplification line, internal voltage stabilisation of the line, constant current supply bridge, voltage and current conversion, impedance adaptation, linear compensation, temperature compensation, etc. The MV signal of the resistance-strain load cell is amplified into a standard current and voltage signal output of 4-20mA, 0-5V, etc., which can be received and processed directly with the control system such as the AD module of the peripheral PLC, the transmitter has The transmitter is equipped with the functions of external zero adjustment and external gain adjustment for standard signals.

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Product Features

The amplifier adopts a cast aluminum sealed casing, which has certain waterproof and dustproof performance. It can be connected with various resistance full-bridge strain sensors for weighing, pulling pressure, tension and other measurement applications. Accurately amplify the output signal of the sensor, and perform internal voltage stabilization, constant current supply to the bridge, voltage and current conversion, impedance adaptation, linear compensation, temperature compensation, etc. Convert the mechanical quantity into standard current and voltage signal output, switchable 0~±10V, 0~20mA, 4~20mA.


Technical Specifications

parameter Technical Indicators
Enter range 0.4~6mV/V
Comprehensive precision ≤0.1%F.S.
Sensor excitation voltage 5VDC±2%, 100mA
Power Supply DC:15V~30V
Enter load 350~1000Ω 1 sensor
Output port Communication RS485/232 
Analog 4-20mA/0-10V 
(choose one)
Operating Temperature Range -30~85 C
Sampling frequency ≥100HZ
Surroundings Temperature: -10~55℃ 
Storage: -25~65℃ 
Humidity: 35~85%RH 
Storage: 35~85%RH
Protection class  IP65

Product Dimensions

Installation size



Accurate measurement with matching display

The output of the force measuring and weighing sensor itself is an MV signal, which needs to be amplified and

convertedto display numerical values or output signals to the upper computer, PLC, etc.




Product Application

Applied to tank weighing, detection weighing, packaging equipment, lithium battery liquid injection machine equipment, etc.; mobile phone earphone hole, charging hole plugging force equipment , stress test of mobile phone buttons, screen, battery, etc. 3C testing equipment; new energy lithium battery formation machine pressure test, coating machine tension test; machine tool pressure test, bridge stress test, etc.


Associated instrument





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