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FA312 Crane Load Cell


Micro Compression Force Sensor

D 13mm*H 7mm

Capacity: 100,200,500,1000N

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Technical Specifications

Specification Technique
Capacity 5,10T
Rated Output 1.0±10%mV/V
Zero Balance
Creep ≤0.05%F.S.
Non-Linearity ≤0.03%F.S.
Hysteresis ≤0.06%F.S.
Repeatability ≤0.03%F.S.
Input Impedance 700±20Ω
Output Impedance 700±10Ω
Temp. effect on output 0.05%F.S./10℃
Temp. effect on zero 0.05%F.S./10℃
Insulation Resistance ≥5000MΩ/100V(DC)
Recommended Excitation 5~10V
Maximum Excitation 15V
Compensated Temp Range -10~60℃
Operating Temp Range -20~80℃
Safe Overload 150% F.S.
Ultimate Overload 200% F.S.
Cable Size φ4Length to be determined
Weight 5kg
Material Alloy steel

Product Dimensions

Installation size



Load Direction



Wiring Diagram








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