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FA507 High Accurcey Digital Scale Load Cell


Signle Point Load Cell

L 71mm*W 6.5mm*H 14mm

Capacity: 100g,200g

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Product Features

FA507 load cell adopts cantilever structure design, pressure bearing, easy and flexible installation and use. It has good sealing and moisture-proof performance. It has high precision and high stability, small size, beautiful appearance, and high dynamic response frequency. Shock resistance, overload resistance, simple installation, save the difficulty of on-site installation work.

Each sensor sends out a signal separately and is processed by a separate module. If multiple sensor group scales are used, there is no need to worry about the influence of partial load, thus providing the measurement accuracy of the overall weighing system.


Technical Specifications

Specification Technical Indicators


Rated Output


Zero Balance ±0.05mV/V
Creep ≤0.0166%F.S.
Non-Linearity ≤0.015%F.S.
Hysteresis ≤0.015%F.S.
Repeatability ≤0.015%F.S.
Input Inpedance 405±20Ω
Output Inpedance 350±10Ω
Temp. effect on output 0.02%F.S./10℃
Temp. effect on zero 0.03%F.S./10℃
Insulation Inpendance ≥5000MΩ/100V(DC)
Reconnended Excitation 5~15V
Maximum Excitation 20V
Conpensated Temp Range -10~40℃
Operating Temp Range -10~50℃
Safe Overload 150% F.S.
Ultimate Overload 200% F.S.
Cable Size 4-φ1X100mm
Product Weight 0.1kg
Material Aluminum alloy
Maximum pan size 50mm*50mm

Product Dimensions

Installation size



Load Direction



Wiring Diagram



Accurate measurement with matching display

The output of the force measuring and weighing sensor itself is an MV signal, which needs to be amplified and

convertedto display numerical values or output signals to the upper computer, PLC, etc.




Product Application

Weighing sensors are mainly used in various electronic scales, industrial control fields, online control, overload alarm installation, material testing machines and other fields, such as electronic truck scales, electronic platform scales , electronic forklift, dynamic axle load scale, electronic crane scale, electronic pricing scale, electronic track scale, steel funnel scale, batching scale, filling range, etc


Associated instrument





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