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FA5127 Pricing Scale Aluminium Single Point Load Cell


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Product Features

Multi-axis force sensor is a kind of force sensor which can measure the force and torque components in more than two directions simultaneously. Multi - axis force sensors are divided into two - axis force sensors, three - axis force sensors and six - axis force sensors. The three-axis force sensor can simultaneously detect the change of force value in three directions, X axis, Y axis, Z axis (vertical force), and output three groups of voltage signals.

Three-dimensional force sensor, high-speed sampling, high-speed dynamic response, anti-interference, long-term stable performance, sensitive response;
And it is small in size and light in weight, can measure spatial acceleration, and can fully and accurately reflect the motion properties of objects.


Technical Specifications

Specfications Technique
Maximum capacity (Emax) 50/80/100/150/200/250/300/350/400/500kg
Output sensitivity (=FS) 2.0+0.2mV/V
Accuracy class C3 c4 c5
combined error ±0.02%FS ±0.015%FS ±0.01%FS
Creep ±0.0167%FS/30min ±0.0125%FS/30min ±0.01%FS/30min
Temperature effect on sensitivity ±0.0175%FS/10C ±0.0131%FS/10C ±0.01%FS/10C
Temperature effect on zero ±0.02%FS/10C ±0.012%FS/10℃ ±0.009%FS/10℃
Zero balance ±2%FS
Compensated temperature -10~40C
Operating temperature -35~65C
Input resistance 406+6Ω
Output resistance 350+3Ω
Insulation resistance ≥5000MΩ(50VDC)
Excitation, recommended voltage 5~12VDC
Excitation maximum 18VDC
Safe overload 120%FS
Ultimate overload 150%FS
Protection Class IP65
Cable specification o5.3mm
Cable length 2m
Recommended scale size 600x600mm
Corner correction
Recommended torque on fixation
0.02% load value/100mm
Wiring Red:Input+, Green:Output+, Transparent: Shield,Black: Input-,White: Output-

Product Dimensions

Mounting Dimensions




















Accurate measurement with matching display

The output of the force measuring and weighing sensor itself is an MV signal, which needs to be amplified and

convertedto display numerical values or output signals to the upper computer, PLC, etc.




Product Application

Multi-dimensional force sensor is a force sensor that can measure force and torque components in more than two directions at the same time. It is widely used in the research of robotic fingers and claws, and robotic surgery. Research, finger force research, dental research, force feedback, brake detection, precision assembly, cutting, restoration research, plastic surgery research, product testing, tactile feedback, teaching and learning. The industry covers robotics, automobile manufacturing, automated assembly line assembly, biomechanics, aerospace, textile industry and other fields.


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