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FBS818 Strain Gauge Indicator


The amplifier is available in an aluminium housing. Weighing controllers are available in plastic, aluminium and explosion-proof housings to order. The weighing controller has built-in high performance devices, precision amplification line, internal voltage stabilisation of the line, constant current supply bridge, voltage and current conversion, impedance adaptation, linear compensation, temperature compensation, etc. The MV signal of the resistance-strain load cell is amplified into a standard current and voltage signal output of 4-20mA, 0-5V, etc., which can be received and processed directly with the control system such as the AD module of the peripheral PLC, the transmitter has The transmitter is equipped with the functions of external zero adjustment and external gain adjustment for standard signals.

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Technical Specifications

Parameters Values
Display window Double-row LED display
Readability 1/90000
Output linearity <0.002%
Comprehensive accuracy Better than 0.01%
A/D Conversion speed ≤1600 times/second
Accept sensor -3.6~+3.6 m V/V
Input load 8 pcs 350Ω sensors
Analog Output specification ±10V/0~10V/4~20mA(Parameters optional)
Com.Output specification RS232、RS485(Parameters optional)
Output specification(I/O) Relay/transistor (hardware optional)
Temp.effect on output ≤10ppm /℃
Temp.effect on zero ≤10μV /℃
Excitation voltage 5VDC
Power supply 24±5VDC
Overall power consumption ≤10W
Operation temp range -20~70℃
Protection class IP65
Weight approx. 0.5kg
Material Aluminum ally


Product Dimensions

Installation size



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