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Dynamic torque sensor application

Dynamic torque sensor is a precision measuring and analyzing instrument that can measure various torques, speeds and mechanical design power. 

The application research scope is very wide, and it can be mainly used in the following aspects:

1. Detection of maximum output torque and power of torsional development power system equipment such as motors, engines, internal combustion engines;

2. Detection of torque and power of fans, water pumps, gearboxes, and torque wrenches;

3. Detection of torque and power in railway development locomotives, automobiles, tractors, aircraft, ships, and mining engineering machinery;

4. It can be used for torque and power detection in sewage treatment systems;

5. It can be used to manufacture viscometers;

6. It can be used in process industries and process industries;

7. It can be used in laboratories, test parts, production monitoring and quality control.

More applications we explore together.