Tension Sensor

Tension Sensor

Tension Sensor

Tension sensor adopts the principle of semiconductor strain to detect the tension of coil, and the output signal is linear and fast response.
FA905 tension sensor independently developed and produced by Fibos is mainly aimed at new energy silicon cutting machines and a variety of new winding machines. Use tension amplifier to detect cable tension in real time.
Tension sensor is used to control the tension of various rolls, such as web film, metal foil, non-woven fabric, weaving, etc., mainly used in printing and packaging, paper making, film, textile and other industries need to control the rolling edge occasions.

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CE  certification
ISO9001 quality  management system certification certificate (new version)
A dynamic force value monitoring bearing seat  [certificate number 13049338]
A type  of low-coupling three-dimensional force sensor [Certificate No. 12286286]
A  variable-range lever bracket for S-type pressure sensing [Certificate No. 11896273]
A multifunctional weighing module for kitchen  [Certificate No. 13256904]
A single-point  parallel beam structure load cell [Certificate No. 11903622]
A low-crosstalk and  large-range three-dimensional force sensor [Certificate No. 16402568]
TC4 Titanium Alloy High  Sensitivity Parallel Beam Pressure Load Cell 【Certificate No. 11914373】

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