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Fibos rod polished 20t load cell

  • Fibos Rod Polished 20t Load Cell Application
Fibos Rod Polished 20t Load Cell Application

Fibos FA416 is hermetically sealed and explosion-proof, ensuring that the sensor can work stably for a long time in harsh environments.

Fibos FA416 is available in a variety of connector styles and load capacities, allowing its use as a direct replacement for previously installed polished rod load cells..

Fibos FA416 has enhanced temperature compensation to ensure accurate load measurement under extreme conditions.

Rugged stainless steel housing protects sensor in harsh oilfield environments


Application-engineered compression load cell to monitor the polished rod forces of oilfield pump-off control systems.

Engineered for rugged outdoor use with hermetic construction and shock and vibrations protection. 

The stainless steel body resists off-axis loading and is available in the industry-standard mounting configuration to be easily incorporated into new or existing pump-off control applications.