Load Cell/Weighing Sensor

Quartz load cell

Quartz load cell

Piezoelectric load cells, also known as quartz force sensor or force transducers, which are recommended for dynamic force applications, both tension and compression.

Fast response, good stability, stiffness, strong anti-interference, extended ranges and the ability to also measure quasi-static forces are standard features associated with FIBOS quartz force sensors.

From environmental sensing to digital simulation, FIBOS quartz force sensor widely used in many fields such as aerospace, rail transportation, nuclear power and wind energy, engineering equipment, energy and electricity and so on.

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CE  certification
ISO9001 quality  management system certification certificate (new version)
A dynamic force value monitoring bearing seat  [certificate number 13049338]
A type  of low-coupling three-dimensional force sensor [Certificate No. 12286286]
A  variable-range lever bracket for S-type pressure sensing [Certificate No. 11896273]
A multifunctional weighing module for kitchen  [Certificate No. 13256904]
A single-point  parallel beam structure load cell [Certificate No. 11903622]
A low-crosstalk and  large-range three-dimensional force sensor [Certificate No. 16402568]
TC4 Titanium Alloy High  Sensitivity Parallel Beam Pressure Load Cell 【Certificate No. 11914373】

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